How do I customise Mitbolel for my use?

1. Install the code: First unzip the following file:

2. Customise the database file: The database file is organised as follows:

It is easiest to explain the structure with an example. There are two main parts to the parser as it stands (though this will be extended over time). The first one is the key word identification and the latter is the parse. An example of the first is as follows:

Yazann is a great guy
Yazann, you mean that finance nut?

This structure essentially means that if "Yazann" or "Izzy" are located in the input, then add the two responses following the "--" as candidate responses.


The other type is an instruction to parse the sentence:

Who is
I really don't know who is ++++
Maybe you know who is ++++, but I certainly don't

This is an instruction to the parser saying that if "Who is" is located in the users response, then stick what comes after it in the place of the ++++ and add these generated responses to the candidate response list.

These two types can be interspersed randomly within the file and as long as you indicate the correct type using "**" or "*!", the program will parse it correctly. The only exception is the very first entry in the file which is identified by the keyword "BACKUP". These entries are the default cases the program falls back on in case it was unable to successfully parse your sentence.

It is easiest to download the file and simply edit it to suit your needs. (Note that the above zip file does NOT contain the file).

3. Create the HTML file: Once all of that is complete, the next step is to create the HTML file which will call the applet. This is of course, very straightforward, you can simply cut and paste from the following:

< APPLET CODE=Mitbolel.class archive=Mitbolel.jar width=500 height=300>
< PARAM name=database value=>

You either have Java turned off or your browser does not support it. </applet>

where the database param value is of course the URL of your file.